domenica 22 gennaio 2012

New Reviews on Dead Formats blog!!

Demian from Dead Accents runs a blog called Dead Formats where he reviews a lot of cool things. I sent him some stuff to review, enjoy! Thanks Demian!

Feline Fury
Shit Music for Shit People

Twenty two noise acts doing what they do best on a cassette tape wrapped in cat pictures. I imagine this would be a noise loving Redditor's dream cassette. Cats and noise. Together at last. It's all pretty good. Most of the tracks seem to be named in a way that emphasizes cats as well. Here is the list of bands and their song titles (mainly because it is funny): Bobby Mason "Cat #1", Der Domestizierte Mensch "Catnip is my Drug", OSA "Cat Food Colosseum", Ikodora '65 "Tadasana", Problem Anderer Leute "Schmusekatze", Elle "Gattorumore", Raven "Tomorrow Brings Sadness", Collapse Arc "Black Cat Loops", Dust Cult "Tepepa", Sirotek " Tsarapka", Agrippa "You Weren't Beer", Christian von Sponheim "The Insatiable Lioness", Samplechined "Mimsy F.", Rank Moist Vegetation "Hypochondria", Inappropriate King Live "Criterion Carry-On", .nyctalops. "Firs", Emiel ten Brink "Vivian", Nxfxtxex "Crepiscular Boredom", Loopool "Cat Brain", COJAA "Murder Dream", The Smudge "Cat Memo (Take One)" and Booby Mason again with "Cat #2". So they aren't all funny but very few are real words. My spell check loves that list. Anyhow, It's a pretty nice sampling of contemporary noise acts. Most are good, some are so so but this is totally worth listening to. The packaging, although covered in cat pictures, is a pretty light on the effort, but it fits nicely in it's bag and god knows anyone that had to type all those crazy band names deserves a little slack. Oh an since you are wondering it, yes, some people use actual meows throughout their tracks. That's "people" as is plural. More than one.

XlosmouX/Dust Cult
self released

This is very strange. It's strange and I am kinda digging it to be honest. XlousmouX starts off with 25 fucking tracks but a handful of these make it above 30 seconds. Most of it is super bass heavy grind and grind/noise. There are more that a few 5 second tracks as well. It's like some crazy noise version of GO! if any of you remember them. There is a adorable naivete with XlousmouX that is totally endearing even though they are probably singing about nun cunts or something. Oh yeah… slap bass makes a short and ironic appearance. Good luck. Dust Cult has quite a few releases out but this is my first experience with them. Their tracks start out with some strange blues sample that is being altered and manipulated. I know I am usually against samples (as my last few reviews have stated) but this one really creates an interesting feel. It's almost a palate cleanser from the XlousmouX. Right after the sample you get some very thin but fascinating HNW. It almost sounds like you are hearing noise from a small television speaker. It has this alien mechanical vibe that is totally winning me over. Nice work. The layout is pretty DIY. Cut up photos and some poorly done computer graphics. It's not bad but pretty underwhelming. Limited to 30 copies. Worth a listen for sure. Check out the Dust Cult link to the side. I think they have downloads available of most if not all of their catalog.

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