martedì 3 agosto 2010


-Demo CD-R, Self-released, August 2010, approx. 40 copies (downloadable here)
-Dust Cult/Redfilled/Sir Edgar Carpenter split, November 2010, netrelease on FFM (downloadable here)
-Dust Cult/Razxca split, January 2011, netrelease & CD-R limited to 10 copies (downloadable here)
-Dust Cult/XlosmouX split, July 2011, netrelease & CD-R limited to 30 copies (downloadable here)
-Dust Cult/Horrible Mess split, October 2011, tape C-20 limited to 20 copies on Urine Soaked Rag (downloadable here)
-Dust Cult/Hippycrack split, July 2012, tape C-42 on Bizarre Fetus Organization


-VA- Everything is Fake compilation, January 2011 (?), CD-R on Distrozione (download my track here)
-VA- Sore Throat, Nausea & Headache compilation #1, March 2011, netrelease by the omonimous blog (downloadable here)
-VA- Broflovski's Killers reworked and remixed, April 2011, netrelease on Scriptsound Recordings (downloadable here)
-VA- Unlimited And Dumb #1 compilation, early 2011, tape on Noisecore Unlimited (download my track here)
-VA- Napalm Death You Suffer Tribute compilation, December 2011, netrelease on Sirona Records (downloadable here)
-VA- 5ò0€˜+Ã2¿3â8µ2: A Compilation of Databending Sounds, December 2011, netrelease (downloadable here)
-VA- Feline Fury The International Cat Compilation For Noise Lovers volume 1, January 2012, C-90 limited to 50 copies on Shit Music For Shit People (get it through the label)
-VA- Life's been swell...Now I want to die - A tribute to Dysyopia, January 2012, tape limited to 25 copies on Strabismus Tapes (download my track here)

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