martedì 3 agosto 2010

About Dust Cult

Dust cult is the materialistic religion which is embraced and worshipped everyday in our society.
Dust is the symbol for vanity, as consumerism leads to the accumulation of material that is neither needed nor recycled and accumulates during the years.
The symbol for time, as dust slowly covers all the objects and it is one of the things that remains in the present from the past.
The symbol for power, as several types of “dust” are drugs and are used by governments to keep control of youth and population, and enrich the greedy hands of druglords, police and governments themselves.
The symbol for technology as chips and transistors are made from silica which is made from sand, that can be considered a type of dust.
The symbol of human condition in this century and society, a condition that leads masses to continuously pursue “dust” with an egoist spirit that leads to continuous fights and to an environment where there is no space for solidarity and co-operation.
The symbol for health, as we swallow powders, tablets and so on to defeat the symptoms of illnesses, to increase our sexual performances, to control our mood.
The symbol for the sick environment we live in as we inhale chemical “dust” on a daily basis, and some countries are victims of desertification that will transform such countries to dust.
The symbol for money as gold was used, back in the beginning of the 20th Century, as a standard to keep the value of different
The symbol for death as we slowly decompose and turn to dust.
The symbol for this music as it takes samples and inspiration from old music that is covered by the dust of time.

Dust Cult was randomly born from the mind of Orbit F in July/August 2010 during a day of boredom in which he was spinning Gas Chamber LP. The main intent is to recycle and destroy music in general, especially taking samples from old songs and producing noise.

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