lunedì 9 gennaio 2012

Feline Fury catpilation out now!!!

Out now on Shit Music For Shit People!!!:
FELINE FURY The International Cat Compilation For Noise Lovers, volume 1.

Harsh noise C90 cassette featuring: Booby Mason, Der Domestizierte Mensch, OSA, Ikodora '65, Problem Anderer Leute, Elle, Raven, Collapsed Arc, Dust Cult, Sirotek, Agrippa, Christian von Sponheim, Samplechined, Rank Moist Vegetation, Inappropiate King Live, .nyctalops., Emiel ten Brink, Nxfxtxex, Loopool, COJAA & The Smudge. A4 collage of cats. 50 copies made, recycled tapes.

My track uses a sample off Birdflesh's "Victims of the cat". It's dedicated to my beloved cat Tepepa, who disappeared this summer. May he rest in peace.

Thanks to Shit Music For Shit People for being a true noise & cat freak who released such a comp, and thanks also to the people who contributed!
I don't have copies of this so contact Shit Music For Shit People to get yours!!!

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