sabato 31 dicembre 2011

A Compilation of Databending Sounds

Finally out after a long and worthy wait:

5ò0€˜+Ã2¿3â8µ2: A Compilation of Databending Sounds

2nd volume of Databending Compilation, 14 tracks created using databent sounds by:
Cursed Hebenon, RJ Myato, A.R.GH, Compactor, Awesome Bin Laden, Divine Shell, Flower Mountain, Oneirothopter, Loopool, Dust Cult, Raven, Richard Kamerman, Bonehole, The Smudge.

My track, "If you bend me I don't breakcore", was created using 2 .psd and 1 .doc and some other files I don't remember as a source.

Thanks to everyone involved and especially to mr. Butter for putting this out!
Enjoy the noize!

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