venerdì 3 febbraio 2012

Dust Cult / Horrible Mess Reviewed on Dead Formats!!!

From Dead Formats blog

Dust Cult/Horrible Mess
Urine Soaked Rag

I am glad I got to hear Dust Cult lately. In the world of noise and HNW they are doing some good work. This cassette is no exception. I have been saying releases are "totally solid" a lot lately and I need to get away from that turn of phrase but it works here as well. Although I feel like I want to hear more because I am not quite getting a unique "voice" from this but I really do like it. Horrible Mess is an awesome name for a noise act. It's really not much of a horrible mess aurally though. It's also quite good but it's pretty straight forward noise edging towards HNW. I would like to hear a bit more of what this person or people are up to. This cassette is well worth picking up and packed with potential. Limited to 20 copies and probably almost gone.

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