mercoledì 5 ottobre 2011

Out Now On U.S.R. Dust Cult/Horrible Mess c-20 split tape

Out now on Urine Soaked Rag:

Split c-20 tape between Canadian abrasive earfucking visceral harsh noise assault Horrible Mess & Dust Cult.
9 minutes of noise for each side.
Horrible Mess delivers some seriously hateful & uncompromising noise, totally from the guts. I love the impact and the rawness of this side, total sonic devastation.
Dust Cult this time is mostly feedback looper's magic. Quoting U.S.R.'s words: "9 minutes and 20 seconds of slow moving harsh noise, a slightly different take on the previous sound of Dust Cult".

Limited to 20 handnumbered copies, 3 panel insert with cover art by myself.

People in the US get in touch with Urine Soaked Rag
People in the EU can contact me, but they will be availible later.

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