giovedì 21 aprile 2011

Unlimited And Dumb #1 compilation tape!!!

Finally got copies of it. Ask if you want a copy!
Let me quote some words about this comp that were written by David (Disleksick):

" "Unlimited and Dumb #1" Compilation Tape
Comps rule and comps kinda suck at the same time. Comps rule because its like a giant split (and who are we kidding we LOVE to do splits), but they suck because they take so damn long to come out.
This one was compiled by me (David) and I started working on it quite a few months back. Getting together all the tracks is not always the most fun task but once this thing came out it was quite the feeling.
This comp has everything on it. A few shitnoise tracks (one on the beach, one walking to the store), harsh noise, noisecore, and even a bit of doom.
Artists from America, Canada and Italy. A few groups from Londoom are included (for such a city lacking in any real scene its a cool to see them all together).

Throbbing Continuum Of Fuck is Bryan from Six Brew Bantha doing noisecore on the beach somewhere in Ontario on the SBB cross Canada tour. Excellent.

D//Cereghini gives up some harsh noise similar to the split tape with Disleksick, but with distortion and more retarded one man noisecore parts.

Bro Slaughter is Pat/David Disleksick walking to the store. Pat being the smart one, David being the retard. Shitnoise at its best, music at its worst.

Disleksick gives up a minute long track on banging and hanging in the basment. RBR guitar, cymbal againts pavement, sticks againt drum case. Nothing musical here. Loads of fun recording though.

Asspennies is a noisecore/harsh noise project from America. With a track called "13 songs" you know its good.

Footjuice is Nick from Powercup (Montreal Grind) and a backing band (????). Powercup rules, Disleksick played with them in Montreal over the summer. Footjuice is like a noisevomitshitcore band. Cool stuff.

Dust Cult is some heavy doom stuff from Italy. Noise and bad vibes. He has a demo out and this may be his first release. Look out for the Dust Cult/Disleksick split CD-R late 2010/early 2011. He also runs the excellent Noise Corner blog:

Erythema MMX is also from Italy. His first tracks, harsh noise/one man shitnoise. Recorded by the #1 Disleksick fan in the world who also runs the amazing Sore Throat, Nausea and Headache blog that reviews our stuff. Simone you rule!

Assblast For Christ is the Winterfilth side project (also ex-Disleksick and current Extreme Noise Pterodactyl members for those nerds keeping score). There religious track called "I want to feel Jesus deep inside me" sounds like Blink 182 being raped by Anal Cunt. Serious.

THC Eradicus from America offers up this odd noisecore/noise ridden track full of reverb. Some odd shit, nothing like the THCE/Disleksick split tape, something different.

The Economy is harsh digital noise from London Ontraio. Colin from Indigenous Nudes' solo project, he closes out the comp with some very loud and in your face harsh noise. Excellent stuff, never lets up.

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